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Can CBD Help with Diabetes?

Can CBD Help with Diabetes? 

As every day passes, it seems as if there is another health issue that organic CBD can help with. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the possibilities of all-natural CBD helping those who suffer from diabetes. 

CBD Inherently Has The Tools

CBD at its core is an anti-inflammatory. It has shown consistently to be more effective than traditional painkillers. CBD is more effective than over the counter drugs because it attacks the root of the problem, unlike pain medication that only temporarily suppresses it. 

According to The American Journal of Pathology, CBD was successful in reducing oxidative stress, cell death, inflammation, and vascular hyperpermeability. This is important because inflammation and oxidative stress usually precede diabetes.  

One of the most fascinating observations with CBD and diabetes is the fact that CBD helps when it comes to insulin resistance. There was a critical study conducted that included animal subjects that did not have insulin and had type 2 diabetes. The study showed that the animals that received 100 mg of CBD twice a day showed a significant improvement in pancreatic health. 

Another way CBD can help diabetics is that it can help those who struggle with diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic Neuropathy is an extremely painful type of nerve damage that is the result of high blood sugar hurting nerves throughout the body. Organic CBD could be an important catalyst to subsiding that pain. 

CBD Can Help Shield You From Future Issues

Those who have a long family history of diabetes should start taking CBD. According to some studies, CBD has shown to help defend the body from the disease and lower the person’s chances of being diagnosed with the disease. 

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