Can CBD Help You Battle Covid-19?

In a time where the rest of the country continues its fight with the coronavirus, many people are left wondering about the ways they can prepare themselves. While many labs and scientists are working overtime to find a cure, treatment, or a vaccine, the rest of the country has been advised to take proper precautions.

How Can CBD Help Your Body When it Comes to COVID-19?

Research has shown that inflammation is the most common factor in diseases. CBD can play an essential role in helping the immune system because it is a natural anti-inflammatory. Indirectly, CBD can also help improve your mood which will also help boost your immune system. It is important to keep the body’s first line of defense in the best possible shape and organic CBD may be a great way to do just that.

CBD and Your Immune System

CBD products are prone to getting a bad rap when it comes to the immune system because of studies showing that smoking marijuana actually hurts the body’s ability to fight infection. However, cannabidiol (CBD) does the exact opposite.

Studies have shown that CBD has the ability to fight bacteria as a powerful antibiotic. CBD not only does a great job attacking the harmful bacteria but it also plays excellent defense when it comes to the constantly changing nature that bacteria presents. According to BTX1801, a new CBD-based therapy being developed by Australian biotech Botanix Pharmaceuticals, harmful bacteria did not develop resistance to the drug until after 21 days of nonstop treatment.

Where Can I Find the Best CBD to Help My Immune System?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many CBD products on the market that focus mainly on building their consumer’s immune systems. Luckily, Organic-Scientific has stepped to the forefront in helping the people utilize CBD to build their immune system.

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