How CBD Can Help You Be More Productive

How CBD Can Help You Be More Productive

This year has not been kind to most people. It is normal for people to be lacking motivation considering everything that is happening in the world. Thankfully, Organic-Scientific is here with your solution. 

Not Just a Pain Reliever 

Organic CBD has a reputation for being a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory but not many people know that it can be a big catalyst in boosting your mood. 

With how fast-paced life is for most people, a great way to improve your mood is if you get a lot of your daily tasks done. Studies have shown that if a person consumes all-natural CBD on a daily basis, their body will get used to it and metabolize it at a better rate. Therefore, it will help the body focus better. The more time focused on your task allows for less time for distractions and stress.

Start Prioritizing Self Help 

When you start using CBD on a daily basis it will put you into the routine of taking care of yourself. A lot of the time, when people are actively taking steps to improve the way they feel, they naturally feel better even if the products they are using are effective or not. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the placebo with our CBD products but getting into a daily CBD routine will help you be more productive. 

Sleep Better with Organic-Scientific 

Counter to the normal belief, your day doesn’t begin when you open your eyes. A big determinant of your productivity relies on the quality of sleep you had the night before. Organic CBD has a direct impact on your sleep. We offer all-natural CBD capsules that will put you in the best position to dominate the day. 

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Cannabidiol Boosts Brain Blood Flow

Memory is an important part of the brain that may deteriorate as a person ages, potentially leading to diseases like Alzheimer’s. Could CBD play a role in improving it? A recent study presents some interesting preliminary findings.

According to a University College London study, a singular dose of cannabidiol (CBD) may boost blood flow to the area of the brain known as the hippocampus. The hippocampus plays a role in memory as well as emotions. The study involved fifteen young adults with minimal to no history of cannabis use.

The study results revealed that CBD did increase the flow of blood to the aforementioned hippocampus. However, that was not the case when it came to blood flow to other areas belonging to the medial temporal lobe. The hippocampus is part of this area. However, blood flow did increase significantly in the prefrontal cortex, also known as the area of the brain that takes care of making decisions and planning.

Although the research is preliminary, it could go a long way in assisting other mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia.

To read more, please visit news/2020-08-cannabidiol- blood-brain-hippocampus.html .

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Can CBD Help with Diabetes?

Can CBD Help with Diabetes? 

As every day passes, it seems as if there is another health issue that organic CBD can help with. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the possibilities of all-natural CBD helping those who suffer from diabetes. 

CBD Inherently Has The Tools

CBD at its core is an anti-inflammatory. It has shown consistently to be more effective than traditional painkillers. CBD is more effective than over the counter drugs because it attacks the root of the problem, unlike pain medication that only temporarily suppresses it. 

According to The American Journal of Pathology, CBD was successful in reducing oxidative stress, cell death, inflammation, and vascular hyperpermeability. This is important because inflammation and oxidative stress usually precede diabetes.  

One of the most fascinating observations with CBD and diabetes is the fact that CBD helps when it comes to insulin resistance. There was a critical study conducted that included animal subjects that did not have insulin and had type 2 diabetes. The study showed that the animals that received 100 mg of CBD twice a day showed a significant improvement in pancreatic health. 

Another way CBD can help diabetics is that it can help those who struggle with diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic Neuropathy is an extremely painful type of nerve damage that is the result of high blood sugar hurting nerves throughout the body. Organic CBD could be an important catalyst to subsiding that pain. 

CBD Can Help Shield You From Future Issues

Those who have a long family history of diabetes should start taking CBD. According to some studies, CBD has shown to help defend the body from the disease and lower the person’s chances of being diagnosed with the disease. 

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Start Implementing CBD Into Your Workout

Start Implementing CBD into Your Workout

When people think of CBD, they usually think about the word recovery. They think about anti-inflammation, anxiety relief, and sleep relief. One of the last things people think of when they think of CBD is the word fitness. Nevertheless, CBD can play a huge part in boosting your workout. Let’s discuss how. 

Give Yourself the Best Opportunity Possible  

Believe it or not, the workout begins before you even pick up a weight. The sleep you get the night before a workout is a huge factor. People often forget that when you’re lifting weight, you are literally causing small tears in your muscles. CBD does an excellent job of lowering an individual’s blood pressure which leads to longer workouts. 

The recovery aspect of fitness is just as important as the workout itself. All-natural CBD at its core is an anti-inflammatory, so the recovery process is much easier when CBD is consumed after a stressful workout. 

Have the Right Mindset

Every day gym rats have become addicted to pre-workout drinks or food. Those products are filled with caffeine and really get them going. How great would it be to be motivated and be in a great mood before taking the pre-workout? Well, Organic CBD helps with boosting your mood.  

How Should I Take CBD for the Gym 

The two most popular methods of taking CBD when it comes to fitness are tinctures or with capsules. Natural CBD capsules are great to take along with your other health supplements. 

Power Up Your Next Workout with Organic-Scientific 

If you are looking to dial up your workouts there is no need to look any further. Organic-Scientific has everything you need to make sure you look good physically and feel great mentally. 

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Both CBD and THC derive from the cannabis plant. Though they both come from the same plant they are different in many ways, especially in effect.

THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that stimulates the feeling of being “high”. It can be consumed through oils, edibles, capsules, smoking, and more.

CBD or cannabidiol oil is a chemical compound from the cannabis stevia plant. The plant has two main components: THC and CBD. The effects of CBD are far less potent than the ones caused by THC and may be beneficial towards some health complications.

CBD does not produce any mind-altering effects. The oil will not get you “high” instead some find it very beneficial towards relaxing and calming down. The oil can be consumed in the same ways as THC.

Though cannabis-related laws are rapidly evolving in the United States, it’s best to check your state laws before stocking up on these products.

CBD is used to help with various conditions both physical and mental. It may help with seizures, inflammation, migraines, along with others. It also aids to relieve anxiety, depression and some mental disorders. Talk with your doctor before use or if you have any questions to make sure cannabis is well suitable for you.

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Can CBD Help with Aging?

Can CBD Help with Aging?

CBD helps with many different afflictions to the human body. It helps you fight inflammation, anxiety, sleepless nights, etc. Organic CBD also helps you in the fight against father time. That’s right, all-natural CBD can make a big impact in anti-aging care. 

Start Using CBD For Your Skin Today 

On this blog, we have mentioned how CBD can help those with acne. In fact, acne plays a large part in the aging process. In that blog, it was mentioned that CBD played a major role in the oils that the face created. One of the biggest reasons why aging happens is because the body significantly reduces the amount of oil on the face that keeps the face looking youthful. 

Fortunately, there are studies that show, since CBD has antioxidant properties, it will slow down the aging process by reducing the free radicals. What are free radicals? Those are responsible for breaking down collagen. Collagen production begins to significantly produce after someone turns 20 years old. Therefore, CBD plays a major role in keeping your skin from being dry and aging. People usually underestimate the power of CBD’s antioxidant properties. The properties that CBD contains are actually more powerful than vitamins C and E. 

Choose Scientifically Approved CBD Cream 

The best way to use CBD to help with anti-aging is definitely via cream. Topical creams are always the go-to when wanting to reduce wrinkles. Our organic CBD creams have been artfully crafted by a licensed pharmacist with over 20 years of experience. No other skincare product is more equipped to make you look younger while also making you feel younger. 

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Could CBD Help You Stop Smoking?

Could CBD Help You Stop Smoking?

When a person elects to start using CBD, it is usually for the following reasons: they need help dealing with pain, anxiety, or want to subdue inflammation. 

That is how the CBD industry has gained its popularity in its early stages. However, the CBD business is branching out to using its products as a therapeutic treatment. As written on this blog before, CBD has been tested for possibly being able to help those who are struggling with cocaine addiction. Now a question is being raised: if CBD has shown it has the potential to curb hard drug addictions, can it also suppress tobacco addiction? Let’s dive into it. 

Using CBD to Help Those Trying to Quit

Since the 1980s, there has been a real push to get people to stop using tobacco products. To this day, tobacco-related issues are one of the biggest threats to public health. In fact, there are more than 8 million tobacco-related deaths around the world each year. 

Recently, there have been studies to see if CBD could help hinder the dependency on tobacco. In the studies, they put CBD up against placebos. The findings that came about from the study are mixed. A week after using CBD, the subjects reported a reduced dependency on tobacco. That in itself is great news. Unfortunately, as time wore on, the urge to use tobacco returned for the subjects showing that further study is necessary. 

Although the studies did not provide any definite results, CBD once again has shown promise. More importantly, those who elect to use CBD have nothing to lose. Especially when using organic CBD, there are only benefits. Even if CBD doesn’t help you stay away from using tobacco, you gain all the benefits of using all-natural CBD. If you are dependent on tobacco and do not like the basic nicotine patches, buy Natural CBD, and see for yourself whether it works for you.

Start Relaxing with CBD

It’s time to take a chill (CBD) pill. 

In times where people are suffering from anxiety due to the coronavirus pandemic, an election year, or finances in general, CBD could be a fantastic resource. 

How Does CBD Help?

Studies have shown that taking CBD impacts people’s serotonin levels. That is important because serotonin plays a direct role in how you behave. When trying to deal with anxiety, the first thing medical professionals point to is their serotonin levels. The traditional way of dealing with this has been over-the-counter anti-depressants. Those anti-depressants, like many other over-the-counter prescriptions, come along with many different side-effects. That is not the case with CBD products. 

Studies Support CBD 

Although CBD is relatively new to the health scene, it has been subjected to studies for a decade. In 2011, multiple studies showed that CBD can help people who suffer from social anxiety disorder. In a study using CBD to treat people who are struggling with anxiety and sleep, 80% of the people who were tested said that their condition improved. 

The question that remains is how people should be taking CBD for anxiety. First and foremost, those who choose to diminish their anxiety should choose organic CBD. All-natural CBD usually yields the best results because of its organic ingredients and lack of THC. THC is the chemical that gives individuals a high. When it comes to using the right dosages, experts advise using 300 to 600mg. That is even if you want to take CBD using tinctures, there are many different ways one can take CBD. 

Kick Your Feet Up with Organic-Scientific

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How CBD Can Help You Battle Arthritis

One issue that is prominent for Americans as they grow older is arthritis. In fact, 23% of adults in the United States suffer from arthritis. That is over 54 million people! Unfortunately, 24 million of those adults have restrictions on the activities that they are able to do due to the joint pain they experience. 

What is Arthritis and How Can CBD Help? 

An individual suffers from arthritis as they ascend into their later years. The pain is due to inflammation in multiple joints that unfortunately gets worse with age. The biggest concern with arthritis is that there is no cure. Even though treatment has indeed gotten better, the medical community is constantly searching for answers when it comes to joint pain. 

The way doctors have started treating arthritis is by catching the joint issue at an early age and slowing down its advancement. A way to do that is by diminishing the body’s inflammation retaliation. Thankfully, CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory. All signs show that CBD can help those that suffer from arthritis and can alleviate the pain over a long period of time. 

How Exactly Does CBD Make Any Change? 

Arthritis is similar to an autoimmune disease because conditions are actually worsened by the body itself. When somebody suffers from arthritis, their immune system believes that it is being struck from an outside source. Rather than attacking a foreign virus, the immune system begins to attack the bones which results in profound pain. Researchers believe that CBD not only decreases the amount of inflammation around the joints but it also interacts with receptors in the brain and immune system. 

Where Can I Find CBD to Help with My Arthritis? 

That is the easiest answer addressed in this piece. The simple answer is organic CBD. More specifically, organic CBD from Organic-Scientific. We offer CBD in a variety of forms so you can attack your arthritis in many different ways. Whether it be in the form of hemp oil tinctures, capsules, or cream, you can find everything you need at

Combating Sleep Disorders with CBD

A large factor on whether you have a good day is decided before you even get out of bed. According to Cleveland Clinic, 70 million Americans suffer from a type of sleep disorder. As more people begin to move away from using over-the-counter prescription drugs, more are using alternative medicine like organic CBD to attack sleeping disorders. 

More Results, Fewer Side Effects 

While over-the-counter prescriptions are effective, they come with numerous side effects. The ideal result of taking sleep medication would be to get a good night’s rest and then be prepared to take on the day. However, when you take prescription drugs, you sometimes wake up with drowsiness the next day. The side effects don’t stop there either. Some of the other side effects include forgetfulness, nausea, and constipation.  

How Does CBD Help Me Sleep Better 

About 80 percent of Americans say they experience issues sleeping at least one day of the week. The big reason why CBD is so beneficial when it comes to getting better sleep is because of the way it interacts with the brain’s receptors which greatly affect a person’s daily sleep cycle. 

During REM sleep, individuals can experience graphic dreams which can negatively affect those suffering from PTSD or anxiety. CBD diminishes the amount of REM sleep a person experiences

Wake up Better with Organic-Scientific

People take medication regularly to make sure they feel healthy when they clock in for their daily life. It’s time to start feeling good after you decide to clock out for the day. Organic-Scientific offers organic CBD sleeping capsules that will help you get the rest you deserve.  

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