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Combating Sleep Disorders with CBD

A large factor on whether you have a good day is decided before you even get out of bed. According to Cleveland Clinic, 70 million Americans suffer from a type of sleep disorder. As more people begin to move away from using over-the-counter prescription drugs, more are using alternative medicine like organic CBD to attack sleeping disorders. 

More Results, Fewer Side Effects 

While over-the-counter prescriptions are effective, they come with numerous side effects. The ideal result of taking sleep medication would be to get a good night’s rest and then be prepared to take on the day. However, when you take prescription drugs, you sometimes wake up with drowsiness the next day. The side effects don’t stop there either. Some of the other side effects include forgetfulness, nausea, and constipation.  

How Does CBD Help Me Sleep Better 

About 80 percent of Americans say they experience issues sleeping at least one day of the week. The big reason why CBD is so beneficial when it comes to getting better sleep is because of the way it interacts with the brain’s receptors which greatly affect a person’s daily sleep cycle. 

During REM sleep, individuals can experience graphic dreams which can negatively affect those suffering from PTSD or anxiety. CBD diminishes the amount of REM sleep a person experiences

Wake up Better with Organic-Scientific

People take medication regularly to make sure they feel healthy when they clock in for their daily life. It’s time to start feeling good after you decide to clock out for the day. Organic-Scientific offers organic CBD sleeping capsules that will help you get the rest you deserve.  

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