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Could CBD Help You Stop Smoking?

Could CBD Help You Stop Smoking?

When a person elects to start using CBD, it is usually for the following reasons: they need help dealing with pain, anxiety, or want to subdue inflammation. 

That is how the CBD industry has gained its popularity in its early stages. However, the CBD business is branching out to using its products as a therapeutic treatment. As written on this blog before, CBD has been tested for possibly being able to help those who are struggling with cocaine addiction. Now a question is being raised: if CBD has shown it has the potential to curb hard drug addictions, can it also suppress tobacco addiction? Let’s dive into it. 

Using CBD to Help Those Trying to Quit

Since the 1980s, there has been a real push to get people to stop using tobacco products. To this day, tobacco-related issues are one of the biggest threats to public health. In fact, there are more than 8 million tobacco-related deaths around the world each year. 

Recently, there have been studies to see if CBD could help hinder the dependency on tobacco. In the studies, they put CBD up against placebos. The findings that came about from the study are mixed. A week after using CBD, the subjects reported a reduced dependency on tobacco. That in itself is great news. Unfortunately, as time wore on, the urge to use tobacco returned for the subjects showing that further study is necessary. 

Although the studies did not provide any definite results, CBD once again has shown promise. More importantly, those who elect to use CBD have nothing to lose. Especially when using organic CBD, there are only benefits. Even if CBD doesn’t help you stay away from using tobacco, you gain all the benefits of using all-natural CBD. If you are dependent on tobacco and do not like the basic nicotine patches, buy Natural CBD, and see for yourself whether it works for you.

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