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Start Relaxing with CBD

It’s time to take a chill (CBD) pill. 

In times where people are suffering from anxiety due to the coronavirus pandemic, an election year, or finances in general, CBD could be a fantastic resource. 

How Does CBD Help?

Studies have shown that taking CBD impacts people’s serotonin levels. That is important because serotonin plays a direct role in how you behave. When trying to deal with anxiety, the first thing medical professionals point to is their serotonin levels. The traditional way of dealing with this has been over-the-counter anti-depressants. Those anti-depressants, like many other over-the-counter prescriptions, come along with many different side-effects. That is not the case with CBD products. 

Studies Support CBD 

Although CBD is relatively new to the health scene, it has been subjected to studies for a decade. In 2011, multiple studies showed that CBD can help people who suffer from social anxiety disorder. In a study using CBD to treat people who are struggling with anxiety and sleep, 80% of the people who were tested said that their condition improved. 

The question that remains is how people should be taking CBD for anxiety. First and foremost, those who choose to diminish their anxiety should choose organic CBD. All-natural CBD usually yields the best results because of its organic ingredients and lack of THC. THC is the chemical that gives individuals a high. When it comes to using the right dosages, experts advise using 300 to 600mg. That is even if you want to take CBD using tinctures, there are many different ways one can take CBD. 

Kick Your Feet Up with Organic-Scientific

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