Reasons to Gift Organic-Scientific CBD This Holiday Season

This time of year is very hectic and understandably so. People all over the country are trying to guide themselves through the holiday season amidst a global pandemic. Organic-Scientific is here to take the load off your back when it comes to gift-giving. 

A Variety of Products to Choose From 

If you’re someone who has a long list of people to take care of this December, Organic-Scientific organic CBD can definitely be your go-to. There are plenty of options and there is no need to repeat gifts for friends and family or even pets! With our products, you have the advantage of mixing it up with different types of oil tinctures, creams, and capsules. Depending on the person, you can give them different dosages. 

Help Your Friends and Family Get Off to a Great Start in 2021

It is safe to say that 2020 did not exactly go how we expected. However, that is no reason to not get off on the right foot in 2021. With all-natural CBD, you and your close ones can be more relaxed and be less stressed. If you know anyone that is dealing with anxiety, organic CBD is the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Help Those Who Have Fitness Related Goals in 2021 

In what is probably the most common new year resolution, there will be plenty of people trying to get fit in 2021. Since all-natural CBD is an anti-inflammatory, it is a perfect gift for those looking to hit the weight room. 

Best Reason of Them All? Savings! 

What would the holiday season be if your favorite brands weren’t offering great deals for the holidays? Organic-Scientific is offering 20% off on all products through the end of the year. All you need to do is use the promo code ‘OS20’ at checkout. 

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Organic-Scientific is the Title Sponsor for the Inaugural Rivalta Boxing Event

Organic-Scientific is the Title Sponsor for the Inaugural Rivalta Boxing Event 

On December 4th, Organic-Scientific had the honor of being the main title sponsor for the inaugural Rivalta Boxing: Black Tie Boxing Event at the Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown Miami. People all across the world were introduced to Organic-Scientific for the first time as the logo appeared on the corners of the ring. 

Those who were lucky enough to attend the sold-out event were given an Organic-Scientific gift bag that contained many different organic CBD products including the 1000mg oil, vitamin c capsule, and advanced formula capsules. Not only were the attendees the beneficiary of the CBD treats but the boxers themselves. From the heavyweights to the lightweights, all the fighters were given all-natural CBD products post-bout to help with their recovery. 

Organic-Scientific as a Tool For Recovery 

At its core, organic CBD is the perfect supplement to help athletes with their recovery, especially boxers. After the battle in the ring, boxers suffer from many issues including pain, muscle tension, and inflammation. Instead of getting hooked on over-the-counter pain killers, more fighters are electing to take all-natural CBD because it stops pain transmission in the spinal cord and brain. Therefore reducing muscle ache sensitivity and decreasing inflammatory messenger activity. 

Like pain killers, muscle relaxers have harmful side effects. After a fight, it is normal for the fighters to experience tension in their muscles. Organic-Scientific CBD will work as well as any traditional name brand but without the side effects. We’ve talked about CBD can help with easing pain and muscle tension but where organic CBD provides the biggest benefit is with dealing with inflammation. At its core, CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory. 

Celebrate Rivalta Boxing with Organic-Scientific

Even though only those who attended the Rivalta Boxing event got free organic CBD gifts, you can still get in on the fun. From now until the end of the year, you can use the promo code “fight40” for 40% off our online collection at 

Take Advantage of Our November Sale!

As we turn the corner in the month of November, people all over the United States are getting ready for the holiday season. After a chaotic year, the holiday season has never been needed more. There is no better way to unwind than with our organic CBD. You don’t have to wait any longer to start checking gifts off your list. Although holiday shopping may look different in 2020, holiday consumer shopping is expected to increase. Economically speaking, 2020 has been very tough for many people. Taking that into consideration, we at Organic-Scientific are looking to give our customers the best deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

While you’re stocking up on all of our tinctures, creams, and capsules, make sure you don’t forget about your four-legged friend this holiday season. Our promotion includes our pet all-natural CBD tinctures. Like the rest of our products, our animal products have been through rigorous lab testing. Our website is equipped to answer any questions someone may have. Prospective customers are encouraged to look at the Kaycha Labs Certificate of Analysis by following the link that is available on our website. 

We are offering a 25% discount on our entire organic CBD collection. Nothing in our store is off-limits, from capsules to tinctures to cream. The promotion is currently active and is available to use until November 30th. All that needs to be done to take advantage of the discount is entering promo code ‘OS20’ at checkout. 

All of our products are manufactured in the USA and are 100% pure organic hemp-based. For more information on our promotion please visit The promotion applies at our in-person store located at 7003 North Waterway Drive, Suite 218 Miami, FL 33155.

Using Organic CBD to Navigate the Political Climate

Presidential elections always turn up the temperature on the United States political climate. This year seemed to take the temperature to new heights. According to the American Psychological Association, 68% of people say the presidential election brings them significant stress. 

Although election day is behind us, the nation isn’t exactly at peace with each other. Many people are still looking for ways to protect themselves from political stress. Fortunately, Organic-Scientific is here to help everyone take the edge off during these hectic times. 

Don’t Lose Sanity Over Things Happening in D.C. 

People all over the country are already using all-natural CBD to attack their stress issues. In fact, 80% of the people who used CBD to alleviate stress issues say that their conditions improved. One of the benefits of taking organic CBD over general over-the-counter anti-depressants is the lack of side effects. Our organic CBD contains 0% THC so our users cannot develop a high after using the product. 

Every day the American people are flooded with more information and breaking news. It’s not unusual for those who consume the news on a daily basis to develop political fatigue. One of the side effects of that is anxiety, drastic mood changes, and loss of sleep. Organic CBD can help with all of those things and more. 

Organic CBD is Not The End-All Be-All 

It is also important to note that all-natural CBD isn’t a miracle worker. Those who look to avoid the stress of politics should take steps along with using CBD. Those steps include being aware of how much political content one assumes, being mindful of who you are with when sharing your political opinions, being open to learning more about opposing views, having the ability to step away from a conversation, and regularly self-assessing your interest. 

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Boost Your Immune System with Our New Bundle

We are very excited to announce our new immune system boost bundle to combat COVID-19. We are committed to keeping our community healthy and safe so we created a bundle that is 100% focused on boosting immune system strength. 

The Importance of Your Immune System

Your immune system is your first line of defense when it comes to fighting illnesses and diseases. Building your immune system is a top priority for young children and it doesn’t stop when you become older. Especially in the middle of a pandemic where a lot of people are choosing to stay home so they can reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. While it is important to protect yourself from a pandemic, your immune system strengthens as your body is exposed to outside organisms. Since outside exposure is being reduced, it is very important to supplement your immune system with boosters. While the kids take their immune system boosting vitamins, make sure to protect yourself with the Organic-Scientific immune system boost bundle.  

What is Included in the Bundle?

The immune system boost bundle is the best one-two punch in the CBD in industry. The Advanced Vitamin C 300mg fuses the healing and restorative properties of vitamin C into a proprietary formula to produce a potent 12-hour sustained-release supplement. The IMMUNO-SHIELD Capsules provide broad-spectrum immune support to boost your immune system and keep you feeling healthy. Our Anti-inflammatory capsules are formulated to reduce symptoms of pain. Used to treat nerve pain, joint pain, or muscle pain, Organic Scientific’s capsules reduce inflammation, swelling, morning stiffness, and more. The coronavirus is regularly met with an aggressive immune system response which results in damaging inflammation. Our organic CBD anti-inflammatory capsules can help with that. 

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Is CBD Safe for Children?

Is CBD Safe for Children? 

On the surface, cannabis and children don’t look like the best match. However, in this blog, we’ll be discussing why organic CBD is perfectly healthy for kids. It is important to note that every child is different. Several studies have even shown that all-natural CBD can suppress the symptoms of autism for those aged 8 to 15. Whether it is anxiety or those who suffer from epilepsy, all-natural CBD can be a go-to for parents. 

Your Child Will Not Get High 

There are laws in states around the country that prohibit the use of THC by children. Thankfully, that is not a worry when using Organic-Scientific since all of our products are 100% THC-free. Our hemp-derived products are the most organically approved THC-free product on the market. 

CBD Helps Children Who Deal with Epilepsy

While there is more research that needs to be done, the FDA has already approved medications made from CBD that controls seizures in children. The medication was very effective in reducing the number of seizures the children experienced. 

CBD Helps the Youth Deal with their Anxiety  

Is your child having a hard time sleeping or is struggling with a traumatic experience? Our all-natural CBD oils could help them make huge strides when it comes to improvement. After plenty of studies, there is research that suggests that organic CBD can treat anxiety disorders such as OCD, PTSD, and social anxiety disorder.

As using any health product, you should always seek advice from a doctor. This is even more important when it comes to giving any product to children. All dosage information is properly labeled on our products so it will be very easy to understand the directions. 

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The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana 

With how fast the cannabis industry has grown, it is very easy to get lost and confused with everything pertaining to CBD. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the difference between hemp and marijuana. 

What is Hemp? What is Marijuana?

First off, it is very important to mention that hemp and marijuana originate from the same place which is the cannabis family. 

By definition, Hemp is the different types of cannabis that contain less than one percent of THC (0.3% to be exact). The term “hemp” is usually used to describe cannabis that will not intoxicate you. Hemp is considered the strongest natural fiber in the world. 

Marijuana on the other hand contains more than 0.3% THC. The term marijuana is the most used term in the cannabis industry but not exactly the best representation. In fact, most people in the industry decide to stay away from the term altogether. 

Besides the levels of THC, one of the biggest differences between hemp and marijuana is the legality of the two. Hemp was removed as an illegal substance in 2018. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 effectively banned marijuana in all states by imposing large taxes on its possession, sale, and transportation. Today, marijuana is legal under medicinal purposes in 33 states. Marijuana is still considered an illegal substance under federal law. 

Hemp and Organic-Scientific

We provide the best organic CBD on the market and that is because our products are derived from the highest quality hemp on the planet. Our all-natural CBD is put through a strenuous scientific process to make sure our customers are consuming the best organic product possible. 

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Should Athletes Be Taking CBD?

Should Athletes Be Taking CBD?

It is not an unfamiliar sight to see athletes promoting various CBD brands but is it actually beneficial for them to take CBD?

Athletes and Organic CBD Are A Perfect Match 

On paper, all-natural CBD and athletes are a match made in heaven. CBD is inherently an anti-inflammatory and can treat multiple common injuries such as soreness and joint pain.

It is also very important to note that organic CBD is much safer than other treatments that athletes undergo such as traditional pain relievers. In fact, besides the traditional ways of consuming CBD such as tinctures and capsules, a popular method for athletes is using CBD via pre-workout drink or CBD cream

Is it Against The Rules to Take CBD?

As recently as 2018, the world anti-doping agency took CBD off its prohibited substance list. However, some leagues and organizations still prohibit the use of THC, a component in most CBD products. It is highly suggested that athletes make sure they choose a high-quality CBD product and carefully read the label of their product.  Thankfully, our organic CBD has zero THC included. 

Take Your Game to The Next Level with Organic-Scientific 

As every high-level athlete knows, your performance on the field or court largely depends on the preparation they do beforehand. Our all-natural CBD is a must-use product for before and after your game. 

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Can CBD Get You High?

Can CBD Get You High?

CBD is a natural compound that is found in hemp and cannabis. When the word cannabis is mentioned, everyone’s minds go straight to weed plants and getting a high from it. In this blog post, we’ll explore the specifics of CBD and cannabis. 

Does Using CBD Give You a High?

The short answer is no and we’ll explain why. The reason why cannabis gives people a high in the first place is because of a compound called tetrahydrocannabinol or what is commonly referred to as THC. Thankfully, our organic CBD has zero THC. That’s right, it is impossible to get high from our products because it has no THC compounds in it. By law, products can have no more than 0.3% of CBD, we chose to have no THC altogether. 

Why Do Our Products Have Zero THC?

The reason for that is because CBD can also be derived from hemp plants. Hemp plants have no psychoactive side effects. Some people claim that you can still get a high from CBD oil. The fact of the matter is that a little too much of something is never a good thing. 

The same can be said for CBD. Consuming a high concentration of CBD or taking more than recommended can cause an elevated effect but it is important to note that it is not the same thing as a high. Organic-Scientific All-natural CBD will never give you a high but depending on the person and how much is consumed can bring different side effects such as nausea and dizziness. There is no need to worry though because we make sure to put specific details on our products to make sure our users are well instructed. 

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Can Organic CBD Help with Tooth Pain?

Can Organic CBD Help with Tooth Pain?

We all have had to deal with our different sets of pain over the years, whether it’s a sore ankle, bruises, sprains, you name it. However, none of those are sneakier as a bad toothache. On the surface, a toothache seems so minuscule but in reality, it can be extremely painful and bothersome. In this post, we’ll be diving into how organic CBD could help relieve the pain caused by a toothache. 

How Does Someone Get a Toothache?

Most of the time, toothaches are caused by inflammation. This inflammation usually occurs when there are dental cavities or decay. One of the reasons why toothaches are such a nagging injury is because it can occur even if you keep proper oral hygiene. Dental Trauma, grinding your teeth, stress, and many other things could result in tooth pain.

CBD Is the Perfect Treatment for Tooth pain  

Since all-natural CBD is naturally an anti-inflammatory, it seems like the perfect remedy for toothaches. 

That is why like most things with organic CBD, scientists have begun to do more research when it comes to potential treatments. Only recently has there been any connection between the dentistry field and natural CBD. Although the research is fairly new, there are signs of CBD making an impact. A published 2019 study said that not only does CBD help with the inflammation of the toothache but also attacks the root of the problem itself. 

How to Apply CBD for Tooth Pain

With the mouth being the most unique and slowest healing part of the body, one would think CBD must be applied a certain way. However, it can still be applied as usual. Whether it be via oil tincture or capsule, both methods should be effective. 

Combat Toothaches with Organic-Scientific

Not only is organic CBD effective in treating toothaches but also in preventing them. Organic-Scientific has everything you need to make sure toothaches do not happen and to be there for you just in case it does.  

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