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The FDA Is Diving Deeper into CBD

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants to dive deeper into the effects of cannabinoid (CBD) and is currently searching for a contractor to explore and collect samples of the non-intoxicating compound.

The FDA plans on using the CBD findings and submitting them to Congress as well as implementing future policy formulation. Furthermore, the research will assist with establishing a clearer understanding of the amounts of CBD and related cannabinoids and their dispersion.

This announcement arrived about a month following the FDA report submission discussing the state of the CBD marketplace to Congress, highlighting studies it has overseen on the volume and caliber of cannabis-derived products the FDA has performed testing on in the past few years.

The study identified major differences between levels of cannabinoids listed on product labels and the actual content found in the product. Concurrently, it found limited evidence that toxic metals and minerals are being included in these products.

To read more, visit https://www.marijuanamoment. net/the-fda-is-hiring-a- contractor-to-study-thousands- of-cbd-products/ .

Always make sure you do your research when evaluating CBD manufacturers and distributors. Reputable ones typically offer independent lab testing to back up what’s on the label.

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